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Product Features - Online Tests

The online tests cover all the key topics / subjects of the BankPO exams and SSC exams. Different types of tests have been designed to give comprehensive practice for students.

Scheduled Tests - Online Test Series

Scheduled Online Tests are conducted by the institute from time to time. Students can refer to the Online Tests Schedule to know more details about the test series. ONLY registered members will have access to attend the scheduled test series.

The different types of tests conducted during the scheduled online tests are:

  • Topic Tests: Questions related to specific topics of the key subjects in the competitive exams are covered in these tests.
  • Mock Tests: These tests are designed exactly as per the guidelines and specifications of the final examination format.

Exclusive Online Classroom sessions will be scheduled to discuss the solutions of these mock tests.

Practice Tests - Online Tests for Self-Practice

  • Pracitce tests are posted time to time by the institute for the students.
  • The types of practice tests include Mock tests, Topic Tests and General Awareness Tests (Stock GK and Current Affairs).
  • Solutions are made available to the students as soon as they submit the tests.

Comprehensive Question Bank - Random Tests

  • These are tests that are generated by choosing questions at random from our comprehensive data bank consisting of 50000+ questions. Solutions are made available to the students as soon as they submit the tests.
  • Depending on the membership plan, a specific number of random tests can be taken for free.
  • More random tests can be generated and attempted after purchasing them through credits.


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